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Assessment of environmental effects for licence application

Under the Space Industry Act, both spaceports and vehicle launch operators will be required to apply for a licence, as covered under Section 11 of the Act. A key aspect to consider as part of the application for a licence is the submission of an assessment of environmental effects (AEE), which is covered in Section 11 subsection 4.

The purpose of the AEE is to enable the regulator to make an assessment as to whether a licence can be granted to the applicant and, if so, what licence conditions are appropriate to use. In an effort to make this aspect of the application not overly onerous, the requirement to submit an AEE could perhaps be met using an equivalent assessment prepared previously in compliance with the requirement imposed under another enactment, or an assessment of environmental effects prepared in connection with a previous application.

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Edited from a presentation by Joe Pratt of the UK Space Agency at the Regulation and Legislation Plenary Event at the University of Glasgow

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