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First Earth observation satellite featuring AI tech ready to launch

When the two CubeSats that make up the FSSCat mission launch, they will be the first to feature the ɸ-Sat artificial intelligence (AI) technology to demonstrate the potential of AI in space.

During ɸ-week, ESA’s director of Earth observation programmes, Josef Aschbacher, said: “We see that there is huge interest in ɸ-Sat and thanks to our partners, it is ready to be launched.

“We live in exciting times. The pace at which digital technology is developing coupled with the wealth of satellite information being delivered and, indeed, the growing demand for such data, means there are many opportunities to make a step change for the future of  Earth observation.

“And, with ɸ-Sat – Europe’s first artificial intelligence in space – we are going to do just this.”

The hyperspectral camera on one of the CubeSats will collect an enormous number of images of Earth. The ɸ-Sat AI chip will filter the the images so that only usable data are returned.

Mr Aschbacher added: “We fully expect ɸ-Sat to be an important step forward for Earth observation satellite missions.”

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