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Galileo outage builds case for UK GNSS

The bodies tasked with assessing the potential for sovereign UK GNSS system can’t fail to have noted the technical issues that hit Galileo over the weekend, with an incident relating to its ground infrastructure interrupting navigation and timing services.

At the time of writing, service had not yet been restored and the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) reported that experts were working to restore the situation as soon as possible. An anomaly board has been set up to analyse the root cause and to implement recovery actions. Devices using the GSA system have switched to the US GPS system, which will have been something of an embarrassment to the GSA itself, which had positioned Galileo as a robust and reliable alternative to the Global Positioning System.

With access to Galileo likely to be denied following the UK’s access to the UK, some £92m has been committed to building the business case for the UK GNSS for the delivery of PNT services. That funding has been approved for the engineering design and development phase of the project.

Following the EDDP, a decision will be made on whether to proceed with a UK GNSS system, but any lack of reliability with Galileo would presumably help in pushing that decision through.  But it must also provide defined benefits, not least of which is UK controlled space capability that will strengthen national resilience and provide secure assured PNT.

But it must also demonstrate the UK as a major global player and provider of PNT services, and boost UK prosperity by providing  new high-tech opportunities in the space sector, while stimulating innovation in sectors that utilise PNT services.

A UK Space Agency programme has been established, with support of the MoD, to develop the options.

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