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Identifying natural resources from space

The Mission and Agile Nanosatellite for Terrestrial Imagery Services (MANTIS) satellite could soon be helping energy and mining businesses identify new resources, after the demonstration project was awarded co-funding from industry and the UK Space Agency through its investment in the ESA’s InCubed programme.

UK company Open Cosmos will provide the design, manufacturing, testing, launch and operation of the mission based on a new generation 12U spacecraft platform. Satlantis from Spain will build the high spatial resolution camera, while Terrabotics from the UK will use its novel data analysis to satisfy the needs of their energy and mining customers.

Open Cosmos envisions this MANTIS satellite to be the first of an aggregated constellation operated by Open Cosmos where customers will have access to diverse types and volumes of information depending on the number of satellites contributed to the constellation. This will enable organisations of all sizes and sectors to not only leverage their own space infrastructure but also benefit from additional datasets and services.

The InCubed funding will help bring the project from concept to a ‘minimum viable product’ stage, providing and demonstrating the first element of the potential satellite constellation, helping overcome the initial barrier to market and supporting the growth of the UK space sector.

Investing in Industrial Innovation – InCubed – is a European Space Agency programme supporting innovative projects related to Earth Observation, with the focus of removing barriers to entry of the commercial marketplace. The UK, jointly with Spain, is a lead contributor to the programme, with the nations having contributed €10 million each to the total budget of €35 million. UK InCubed funding has been awarded through a process of competitive calls for proposals.

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