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Industry discusses Earth observation satellite objectives

Industry representatives from the UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece and Romania met this month, at the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications in Harwell to discuss the TRUTHS climate mission.

The primary objective of TRUTHS is the creation of a ‘climate and calibration observatory in space’ which will reduce uncertainty in the Earth-observing data, leading to improved confidence in decision making, particularly related to climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. TRUTHS is 10 times more accurate than current Earth-viewing satellite instruments and can calibrate the reflectance of stable targets.

Professor Nigel Fox, NPL said: “The TRUTHS mission can be thought of as putting NPL into space, a ‘gold standard’ reference which will enable SI traceability to be established in space for Earth observation data in the same way that we do for other terrestrial products and services, leading to increased trust in Earth observation, as well as climate data.”

Beth Greenaway, head of Earth observations and climate at the UK Space Agency, said: “The UK has a fast-growing and world-class Earth Observation sector and our major investments into European Space Agency programmes will continue to build these capabilities. This is a fantastic opportunity to lead on an innovative mission to help tackle climate change. With so much of the work for TRUTHS taking place in the UK, we hope to inspire a new generation to take up careers in space engineering and climate science.”

TRUTHS is an ESA Earth observation mission, the initial phase of which was adopted at the ESA Space19+ Ministerial Conference last November. Full implementation is planned (for decision and funding) for the next ESA Ministerial Conference in 2022.

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