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OneWeb takes sustainability into orbit

OneWeb reaffirmed its focus on responsible space practices with three commitments at the Summit for Space Sustainability, and called on the wider industry to do the same.

The commitments are born from OneWeb’s firm belief that the entire space industry bears a shared responsibility for ensuring the potential of the new frontier in mobility, communication and connectivity is realised for the long-term.  The first commitment is to employ responsible space by design and operational practices. OneWeb believes sustainable business practices are required to support the long-term use of Space for all. The orbital environment must support healthy competition, and cannot be allowed to become polluted, dangerous, or disruptive to scientific, educational, government, or commercial endeavors.

The second commitment is to develop the space ecosystem for the benefit of all participants. OneWeb believes the space ecosystem should offer a shared opportunity to facilitate the development of new technologies, jobs, and industries, as well as to increase research, investment, diversity, and inclusion in local communities.

Finally, from global connectivity to new industry and humanitarian relief, OneWeb believes the space industry has a responsibility to work with governments to advance causes where it can have a transformational impact and solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. To have the greatest impact these efforts will have to leverage the combined strength of an industry of innovators.

OneWeb CEO Adrian Steckel said: “We and our peers have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build an industry from the ground up, designing it with our aspirations for sustainability and societal benefit at its heart.”

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