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Raytheon hosts its first UK space mission to the USA

Raytheon, in collaboration with the UK Department for International Trade, has welcomed more than two dozen British businesses to a UK Space Supplier Conference in Los Angeles, California. The conference created opportunities for small and medium-sized British businesses to enter the fast-moving and dynamic space sector.

“In 2016 and 2017, this sector contributed £14.8 billion to the UK economy, while exports reached £5.5 billion,” said Mike Short, chief scientific advisor at the UK Department for International Trade. “This conference represents an excellent opportunity for British businesses to gain experience of global supply chains. As we work with more partners overseas, I hope to see the sector continue to grow.”

The conference featured speakers from across Raytheon functions, including program leadership, business development, engineering and supply chain. Raytheon shared space technologies and business opportunities, as well as detailed requirements about how to become a supplier to Raytheon.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are integral to the success of the UK’s space industry,” said Matt Magaña, senior director for Raytheon Space Systems. “Our collaboration with the Department for International Trade boosts the country’s rapidly expanding space industry even further.”

Raytheon is committed to deepening its investments in the UK’s Space technologies and skills over the long term. This and future trade missions will support UK’s ambitious growth plans for the sector.

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