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Report to Congress warns of China’s aims

In its 2019 Report to Congress, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission has specifically highlighted China’s ambitious goals for space leadership, and warns of Beijing’s aims to establish a leading position in the future space-based economy and capture important sectors of the global commercial space industry.

The report notes China’s dedicated high-level attention and ample funding to catch up to and eventually surpass other spacefaring countries in terms of space-related industry, technology, diplomacy, and military power. It says that Beijing has specific plans not merely to explore space, but to industrially dominate the space within the moon’s orbit of Earth.

Further, the report asserts that China is taking steps to establish a commanding position in the commercial launch and satellite sectors, relying in part on aggressive state-backed financing that foreign market-driven companies cannot match.

The report makes a number of recommendations to Congress, beginning that it should direct the National Space Council to develop a strategy to ensure the United States remains the preeminent space power.

Further, it urges Congress to direct the US Department of Defense to take steps to ensure it is prepared to counter China’s and Russia’s destabilising approach to military operations in space.

Finally, it says Congress should urge the Administration to actively participate in

international space governance institutions to shape their development in a way that suits the interests of the US and its allies and partners and to strengthen US engagement with key coalitional allies and partners in the space domain.

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