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Skyrora can’t build East Lothian facility

Skyrora has been denied permission by East Lothian Council to build an equipment testing facility, office and storage structures at the former Cockenzie Power Station.

The application, which planning officers had recommended for approval, was brought before the committee at the request of elected members due to the large number of objections raised by the public during the consultation process.

The committee heard that 168 written representations were received during the consultation process. 166 were against the proposal, one in favour and one neutral.

Skyrora had originally requested 70 engine tests per month at the proposed site. Following discussions, and in light of public comments, Skyrora reduced the number of proposed tests to five per month to minimise the noise impacts and the amenity of neighbouring properties.

The application was readvertised at that point to allow residents and interested parties time to consider this amendment. Committee members heard representations from Skyrora, members of the community and the two local community councils before making their decision.

The committee felt that the noise impact from equipment testing would have an unacceptable impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties and that emissions released during equipment testing could have a harmful impact on the health and wellbeing of the local community. The application was refused by six votes to two.

Skyrora is aiming be the first UK private company to launch payloads into Earth orbit. In October the Edinburgh-based company announced the completion of the first phase tests for its 30kN rocket engine.

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