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Space Operations Summit puts emphasis on space operations capabilities

NATO has approved its first overarching space policy and declared space as an operational domain, recognising the evolving threats facing the Alliance’s members and partners as they continue to advance thinking on this newest war fighting arena.

As operational concepts and doctrine for space continue to mature, it is important for the space community to come together to apply that thinking in practice, and to refine the requirements for space capability that are beginning to emerge. The Space Operations Summit provides a vital platform for military thinkers, capability planners and operators to meet with industry leaders and space SMEs alike as they grapple with those challenges.

Returning for its second iteration in 2020, the Space Operations Summit recognises that NATO’s ability to operate in and from space depends – at least in part – on an ability to access efficient and cost-effective launch services. That market is currently valued at $8.9 billion, with a CAGR estimated at 17.2% until 2026. A military emphasis on space is likely to drive that growth to new heights. The first day of the conference will be committed to that subject, and will ask how those committed to developing capability in space can leverage commercial partnerships to access the services they need.

The second and third days of the conference will look at space from two perspectives. It will first examine space as an operational domain in and of itself, where priorities include enhanced situational awareness, command and control and resilience for space assets. Having done so, there will be an opportunity to enhance the critical role of space assets as vital enablers for the joint fight. The need to integrate space within a multi-domain concept of operations is pressing, and the forum provides an ideal platform for doing just that.

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