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Space Industry Bulletin collates and analyses the latest industry data and market research, and provides a unique, intelligent and insightful commentary that will give businesses the information that need to guide and grow their operations. In addition, we draw on a pool of industry experts to provide strategic thinking and analysis of threats and opportunities.

Each issue provides, in one comprehensive publication:

  • Market analysis of the space and satellite industry
  • Business intelligence
  • Economic trends
  • Venture capital funding updates
  • Analysis of the UK Space Agency spending data
  • Invitations to tender
  • Strategic thought leadership commentaries
Contact the Space Industry Bulletin Team:
Editorial Director: Mark Simms
Tel: +44 (0)1732 773268 • Email mark (at) spaceindustrybulletin (.) com
Commercial Director: George Bennett
Tel: +44 (0)161 495 9075 • Email george (at) spaceindustrybulletin (.) com