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With the global space industry forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% to a value of £558bn by 2026, there are huge opportunities for the UK, where there are ambitions to take 10% of the market by 2030.

The UK space community has the skills, but it lacks a single source of market analysis and business information. Published monthly, Space Industry Bulletin is designed to fill that void. Space Industry Bulletin is only available on subscription. The 12 month subscription includes monthly issues of Space Industry Bulletin and access to the members areas on the website.

UK subscription:
  • Space Industry Bulletin is available at a cost of £360 per year for 12 issues
Overseas subscription:
  • Europe (including Eire) €450 or £400 per year for 12 issues
  • USA $540 per year for 12 issues
  • Rest of the world £450 or $580 per year for 12 issues

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Space Industry Bulletin collates and analyses the latest industry data and market research, and provides a unique, intelligent and insightful commentary that will give businesses the information that need to guide and grow their operations. In addition, we draw on a pool of industry experts to provide strategic thinking and analysis of threats and opportunities.

Each issue provides, in one comprehensive publication:

  • Market analysis of the space and satellite industry
  • Business intelligence
  • Economic trends
  • Venture capital funding updates
  • Analysis of the UK Space Agency spending data
  • Invitations to tender
  • Strategic thought leadership commentaries

In addition, we present the latest space and satellite industry news, list upcoming events and summarise future missions. Click here to subscribe